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Patient Engagement, Education, and Communication

Delivering all the benefits of deep learning, interaction, and access, via cutting edge technology.

Clinicians trust HIA HEALTH to deliver intelligent, interactive, engagement through a variety of solutions designed to engage, enrich, and enchant patients throughout their care journey in a safe, personalized, environment.

Clinician-Designed Solutions

Engaging clinician-designed solutions that benefit both patients and providers.

Traditional, transactional medical care does not foster deeper patient engagement, it simply reacts to the ailment at hand and relies on patients to adhere to the plan and follow-up as needed. It’s no wonder that there are over 70,000 health related searches per minute on Google alone, more than 1 Billion per day. The consumer patient craves instantaneous response to their needs.

Conversely, clinical teams spend a considerable amount of time combatting the misinformation patients may ingest and providing evidence-based education in its place.

HIA HEALTH delivers engagement solutions that draw patients into highly interactive conversations with their providers without consuming clinical resources.

Augmentation, Not Replacement

Technology cannot replace the patient-provider relationship and it shouldn’t try to. Instead, technology is most effective when it reinforces the bonds of trust that clinicians have long developed with their patients. As an adjunct to the medical authority of the provider, HIA HEALTH empowers clinical teams without impeding them.

Modern Solutions For Modern Healthcare

Virtual Learning

Create personalized conversations with your patients where your agent can present information, answer questions, and ask questions to your patients.

HIA TOPICS™ Features include:

●   Proprietary authoring tools for no-code DIY content creation
●   Access to our evidence-based education library for ready-to-go templates
●   Brand-able Multimedia presentations
●   Library of engaging digital humans to choose as your agent
●   Voice-enabled, physician-controlled artificial intelligence
●   Knowledge Assessments designed on proven Teach-Back Model of education
●   Robust Reporting & Analytics
●   App & App-less Deployment Models
●   HIPAA-compliant architecture

Interactive Intake

Customizable patient engagement platform leveraging powerful artificial intelligence.

HIA FORMS™ features include:

●   Ready-made healthcare forms and surveys
●   Proprietary, no-code form builder
●   Brand-able User Interface
●   Form completion assistance via physician-controlled AI
●   Signature and voice print capture support
●   Flexible rules-engine
●   Smartphone image capture for insurance and identification
●   HIPAA-compliant integration layer

Answering The Call For Effective Patient Education

Ineffective patient education is a barrier to patient activation – a necessary prerequisite to improving health literacy and outcomes. CHECK OUT THE WHITE PAPER from our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alidad Ghiassi, and learn more about how HIA Health answered his call to action.

Reliance on outdated, ineffective, and inefficient methods of patient education and engagement may lead to:

●   Decreased health literacy and poor outcomes
●   Reduced staff efficiency and high administrative costs
●   Diminished patient retention and brand awareness
●   Avoidable readmissions and medical errors


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