HIA — At the Intersection of Three Megatrends

HIA's tool suite is designed from the ground up to create a brand new User Interface (UI) that will transform how conversations in healthcare are conducted – from how providers can exchange information with patients more effectively, to how personnel may be trained better to perform their jobs.

This goal is achieved by combining our cutting-edge in-house technology (3 patents pending) with years of academic research in digital humans and best-in-class technologies in AI and XR. The result is substantially better patient engagement, outcomes, accountability, and lower operational costs.

Artificial Intelligence

HIA Simcore 3™ AI and machine learning tools are fast at work behind everything that users experience when they are talking to our agents: from what appear to be natural, fluent conversations, to automatic generation of the gestures and facial expressions of the agents on the fly.


When new conversations need to be designed, users can get off to a fast start by licensing one of our off-the-shelf content modules and publish that to their audience with few or no customizations. But we don't stop there; we also allow users to dive deeper and manipulate all aspects of how the agent will behave - including its sentiments during each interaction, facial expressions, body language, timing, etc. - and insert visual elements to show up on the screen during conversations, surveys, quizzes, hints, fallbacks, and much more.