Patient Engagement At Scale

Unlock the potential of advanced telehealth solutions for personalized contact with your patients. HIA's mission is to expand doctors' availability, reach, and personal touch to connect with their patients anytime or anywhere at a lower cost.

HIA Health brings 24/7 access for patients with better accountability, better engagement, and better outcomes. HIA products and services are available on all major platforms, including mobile, web, and immersive formats.

HIA offers a wide selection of standard products and custom services to better target the individual needs of providers.

Core Products

HIA Health™

HIA's mobile app HIA Health is where personalized conversations between patients and doctors' agents take place – all in a HIPAA compliant environment. Patients can ask any questions they may have about their condition and other relevant topics, and the agents answer them exactly as guided by their doctors – not Dr. Google.

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HIA haapi™

We've all been there... Filling out stacks of paperwork that requires entering identical information multiple times on multiple pages. HIA thinks there's a better way. HIA's haapi stands for HIA agent-assisted patient intake – a highly visual and engaging format to complete a questionnaire or survey, where a digital agent walks patients through intake questions and can even answer patient's questions along the way.


Interactive Training & Education

In-person training sessions can be expensive and not entirely effective. HIA offers intelligent digital agents to create personalized, interactive educational courses that can be accessed 24/7. Trainees can ask questions, and their comprehension of the material can be assessed in a tailored way manner. These courses can be deployed on mobile and desktops as well in AR and VR format.

Digital Agents

In Immersive Settings

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) technologies have opened impressive new ways to experience engagement with one's environment with extraordinary results in healthcare. HIA uses VR and AR to bring its 3D agents to life in people's rooms, offices, hospitals, and enable the same level of sophisticated conversations with them on the spot. Examples of past projects include training sessions that simulate engagement with patients in a dynamic, immersive environment, bringing creatures to life that appear on product packages, and many others.

HIA Studio™

Some digital agent applications may have specific requirements that are not addressable by our off-the-shelf offerings - including agents that need to look and sound like a specific person, multiple agents interacting with humans and each other, etc. We have built HIA Studio™ to address these kinds of full-custom model creation, clothing, props, music, voiceover, video production, and services like writing, producing, editing, and much more. Tell us what you need and let us exceed your expectations.