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Good communication between healthcare providers and patients is foundational to better outcomes, but with growing demands and limited resources, it continues to be a challenge. HIA HEALTH delivers engagement solutions that draw patients into highly interactive conversations with their providers without consuming clinical resources.

Our evidence-based content enriches these experiences while physician-controlled artificial intelligence enchants and promotes shared decision-making. Our tailorable UI reduces adoption barriers, reinforces trust, and creates virtual experiences that are familiar and welcoming.

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Be There Even When You Aren't

Most clinicians would gladly spend more time on patient education and answering questions if they could, but even if you doubled your time at the bedside, patients still forget more than 80% of what they’ve learned before they leave the building.

HIA TOPICS™ delivers education and answers to your patients in real-time and allows you to remain the trusted source of medical information for your patients. Your embodied AI agent presents information and answers questions exactly as you intended, and captures the patient feedback you need to provide quality care. Use our proprietary authoring tool, HIA CONNECT™, to easily create unique experiences or choose from our rich HIA library of medically-validated content.

Features and Benefits

Interactive Clinical



Artificial Intelligence

Patient Comprehension


Patient Participation


More Than Just A Conversation

Fully interactive patient engagement

Today, most “conversational AI” products are really just scripted conversations. A winding, difficult to manage decision tree model based on presenting predetermined response choices and then reacting with the next piece of the script based on the user’s selection. This is a far cry from the way we communicate with patients.

HIA was founded on 20+ years of academic research in human/computer interaction, digital humans, and advanced technologies in AI and XR. Our unique method of matching physician-controlled conversational responses to real-time patient questions allows us to simulate live interactions between providers and their patients with context-aware interpretation and pinpoint accuracy.

But words are not enough. Our digital agents represent your information via embodied AI, meaning they must appropriately present the information in both tone and body language. Our Natural Body Language Generator (NBLG) allows them to do just that. Combining artificial intelligence, conversational science, digital animation, and dynamic human behavior generation to replicate the in-person encounter.

Even More Use Cases

Efficient Patient Intake

And Screening

Automated Program


Remote Patient


Chronic Condition


HIA FORMS - Ask, Learn, React

HIA FORMS™ gives you the ability to deploy digital questionnaires and capture patient responses for reporting, analysis, and integration into your EMR or Practice Management software. Our HIPAA-compliant architecture allows you to deliver forms and capture responses securely using your existing tools, our web-based admin dashboard, email, or SMS text.

With HIA FORMS, healthcare providers are able to automate their intake, enrollment, and survey processes and turn redundant paperwork into highly engaging, interactive user experiences.

Multi-Platform Distribution

Tools only become solutions if they’re accessible. HIA Health TOPICS and FORMS can be accessed by both patients who prefer apps on their smartphones and those that don’t.

By reducing this barrier to adoption, we improve access to information for all patients and respect their communication preferences.

Provide patients with unique security codes to access HIA TOPICs and FORMs via our mobile app, E-Mail, or SMS. Prefer to use your trusted patient portal? No problem.

Security codes are generated and copied with one click from your HIA Connect Pro™ Authoring system for input into any other application. Eliminate onboarding friction and connect with patients instantly.

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